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A Piovan 200T press

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Piovan high speed precision press with parallelism between the bolster plate and the upper slide, fully balanced and suitable for hard metal progressive dies.

FRAME: The press frame consists of 4 fabricated steel parts (crown, 2 uprights  and bed).

DRIVE MECHANISM: belt driven flywheel

CLUTCH/BRAKE UNIT: Hydraulic actuated multiple disc clutch/brake unit by Ortlhinghaus.

CRANKSHAFT: Made from top quality steel, U.S. tested, and nitrided

CRANKSHAFT HOUSING: The crankshaft rotates on four large surface bearing bushings. Lubrication is hydrodynamic, with a continuous oil flow.

SLIDE GUIDES: The slide moves along two, hydrostatic oil lubricated bronze gibs. The clearance along the entire length of the guides is calibrated.

The G30 cast iron gibs are attached to the side frame and are surface-hardened.

BALANCING: Mechanical balancing of the forces is obtained using a counterweight controlled by a connecting rod shifted by 180° with respect to slide motion.

SLIDE: The G30 cast iron slide structure is driven by two cast steel rods.

Slide adjustment is performed by electric motor. A steel T-slotted plate is screwed onto the lower die shoe.

BOLSTER PLATE: The bolster plate is made from G30 cast iron with “T” slots for die assembly.

LUBRICATION CONTROL UNIT: Lubrication is achieved by a control unit separate from the press to facilitate inspection.

The lubrication control unit is fully automatic and includes two main pumps:

- One for auxiliary devices (variable flow rate)

- One for lubrication

MACHINE LUBRICATION: All shaft and slide guides are oil injection lubricated.

DIE AREA PROTECTION: The die area is protected by photoelectric barriers.

MAIN MOTOR: The AC variable motor is driven by an inverter.

ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT: Central electrical cabinet made in accordance with current regulations.

Electric power: 380 V/50 Hz.

The main control panel is located in a dedicated cabinet.
All the main machine controls are located on a mobile control panel .
Other stop buttons and emergency buttons are located on the columns.
There is an additional control panel on the press side that includes a two-hand control unit with start and jog buttons, a selector switch, and automatic operation start button.

Piovan high speed precision press Piovan high speed precision press

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