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Nuclear energy, new developments, new investments and new challenges

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Nuclear energySt. Petersburg, the beating heart of Russian energy industry, was where the International Conference “Post-Crisis Energy: Economic Effectiveness and Geopolitical Constrains was held. This was attended by twenty energy companies from the Lombardy region, members of the Energy Cluster, a production system and network of companies based on traditions and skills that are deeply rooted in the area.

Along with our firm, twenty other companies took part in business meetings organised by Energy Cluster from the 12th to the 16th of October. These involved 14 small and medium sized enterprises that adhere to their mission as well as the six large companies forming the group.

The main objective is to improve the energy supply in the Russian region. Here, as in China and India, energy production and demand is large and is expanding exponentially.

This confirms that Russia plays a central role as an emerging country, which, thanks to the institutional transition from a centralized economy to a market economy and to the development of business relations with other European countries, is experiencing strong economic growth.

The main goal is to promote the evolution of Russian companies and of the production system overall by searching for Russian counterparts that would enable business collaborations in the area. In his speech, the Energy Cluster Chief Operating Officer, Antonio Ribolla, and Sices Spa Managing Director emphasized “We are in the position to play our part; we have the ability to manufacture all the components of a nuclear power plant. In reality, these are not all that different from the parts that many of our companies have been producing for years, exporting them successfully worldwide”.

X partakes in the nuclear project the Italian government launched in order to boost the competitiveness of companies and to meet the growing demand for jobs. This consists in the construction of eight nuclear power plants across Italy by 2019, which would create 450 thousand jobs.

Nuclear energyNuclear energy

During the course of the meeting, it emerged that, although the Russian market is growing strongly, Russian companies can still have difficulty approaching it. In his speech, Ivan Folla Sales Manager at Galbiati Group, highlights: “From meetings with B2B we recognised the need for identifying a Russian counterpart, which is able to mediate between the inclination of our small medium sized enterprise to make business fast and successfully and the complex dynamics of business characterising the Russian market and its companies”.

During the meeting, a summary was given of all future investments affecting the energy sector and the nuclear market in particular; Energy Cluster investments that would enhance the opportunities of collaboration between Russian and Italian companies, promoting new contacts and monitoring their development and economic growth.

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