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Why a Blog?

Monday, July 12, 2010


I know many of you will ask: why has a company operating in a vertical niche market (such is ours) decided to communicate using such a “new” tool, not often seen in our industry?

The answer lies in the importance that the following five words hold for us: Flexibility, Transparency, Timing, Dialogue, and Innovation.

Listening to and dialoguing with our existing and potential customers is the foundation of our daily work. We feel it is natural to transfer this approach to our web-based presence, too.

A Blog to tell you a bit about the history of what we believe are interesting components, and to tell you the story of our Group through our projects and daily activities with the words of our clients, suppliers and employees. Even, and especially, in a critical period such as this; at a time when innovation is not just necessary, but indispensable.

Galbiati Group has and continues to invest in equipment, people and ideas.

This is why a corporate blog, a company diary open to comments, contributions, and suggestions that transfers on-line the discussion and dialogue that we already have with our customers and that we can and want to have with others in our market. A Blog to listen and to communicate.

I strongly believe in this project and I want to personally thank everyone who has decided to participate in it, and those who will shortly, commenting on our articles, providing tips for improvement.

Pietro Galbiati,

General Manager at Galbiati Group

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