EP3 Press for High Speed Blanking Lamination

Tue, May 18, 2010


EP3 Press for High Speed Blanking Magnetic Laminations

EP3 Press for High Speed Blanking Magnetic Laminations

Full blanking force under any condition

The flywheel is anchored to the side frame by means of a bushing in order to avoid stressing the shaft. Oversized, it allows blanking operations to be performed with the rated machine tonnage at very low speeds, lower than those allowed by other presses of equal force. The stiffness of the press bed also guarantees increased die life, a feature particularly advantageous when using hard metal dies.

Die Inspection

The quick lift, standard on all EP3 presses, allows the upper half of the die to be opened, very useful for inspecting dies and releasing jams eliminating the need for heating the tie rods. The bottom plate of the slide can be removed, leaving the slide in position.

Hydrostatic Lubrication of Bearings

In EP3 presses, bearing lubrication is guaranteed by introducing pressurized oil inside the shaft and allowing it to exit at the bearings. This system allows the hydrostatic support of the shaft with consequent reduction in backlash.

Dynamic Balancing

The crown of the press houses a machine balancing device that allows the press to operate without being anchored to the ground.

In the EP3 press, the bottom plate of the slide can be removed, leaving the slide in position. This allows the bolster plate surface to be ground for reconditioning.

The hydraulic clutch/brake unit is equipped with its own power pack and dual clutch valve for control and maintenance of the operating pressure

The flywheel is supported on the press frame by a bearing assembly and not by the shaft thereby reducing the stress on the crankshaft.

The crankshaft is nitrided to extend its lifetime.


Control and Supervision System

User friendliness is basic feature of high production efficiency.

The EP3 press features a highly reliable, user-friendly but fully comprehensive supervision system. The diagnostics applied guides the user through troubleshooting down to the smallest details, also with the remote assistance, standard on all Galbiati machines.

EP3 Press for High Speed Blanking Lamination

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