Presses for Blanking Lamination

The Press division at Galbiati Group is specialized in the design and construction of high speed presses. It is dedicated to blanking and notching of magnetic laminations to produce rotors and stators for electric motors. Experience, production capability, and professionalism supported by a highly-specialized machine shop allow Galbiati to build high-precision, reliable machines.

EP3 and EP4 Presses

EP4 Press for High Speed Blanking Lamination

The presses in the EP series are designed to provide increased energy while operating at higher speeds, as required by modern blanking technology as well as in all applications where high speed presses are typically used. At the same time, deflection is reduced, even when large bolster plates are employed.

EP presses offer maximum performance for high-speed blanking applications over a capacity range from 250 to 650 tons. The advantages of the EP presses result in longer service life for the very expensive hard metal tooling that are normally used in applications like blanking of magnetic laminations. Each single component of the press, from the rugged press bed to the over-sized flywheel, from the large connecting rods to the cast iron slide, contribute to the strength of a machine designed for heavy duty use for many years.

The clutch/brake unit is hydraulic, equipped with its own hydraulic power pack and dual clutch valve to control and maintain the operating pressure.

Galbiati Group

Galbiati Group

Galbiati Group is specialized in high-precision machining of mid- and large-sized components. Our manufacturing facilities, technology and skill acquired over almost 50 years experience allow us to excel in the supply of high quality, high precision machined items.

Galbiati Group has targeted flexibility and quality as its strength: rapidly replying to customers’ production needs and design requirements, benefiting from the experience accumulated since 1962 and by annual investments in new resources, equipment, training, and research.

The group has diversified and expanded over the years to reach its current size with 5 divisions. Read more…

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