“We require our suppliers to provide us with near perfect quality,” interview with Mandelli Sistemi

Sat, May 22, 2010


Bed Machining

Interview with Mr. Antonio Strafallaci, Production and Logistics Manager at the Riello Group, and Marco Canesi, Incoming Product Quality Control and Workshop Manager, at Mandelli Sistemi

We asked one of our long-term customers to give us their view of our company. An opinion and an evaluation.

This is how Mandelli Sistemi sees us, a historic international company that manufactures small and mid-sized machining centers. Mandelli is synonymous with quality and maximum precision machining around the world.

Since 1997, Galbiati provides the machining and assembly of the machine beds for the machining centers.

“One of Galbiati’s strong points, something I noticed right away, is the ability of its staff to take initiative within the company. I have never encountered obstacles. The person I deal with speaks my language, takes responsibility, faces the challenge and urgency of the demand, and usually everything is resolved very quickly. For me, flexibility is the ability to resolve problems independently and rapidly. Reactivity.

Marco Canesi, Incoming Product Quality Control and Workshop Manager

The flexibility that Marco Canesi speaks about is one of Mandelli Sistemi’s strengths, which has contributed to the success of the Mandelli machining centers. In most cases, their customers do not buy a catalogue item; rather they express a specific need, present a problem that often requires the development of a custom innovative solution. The ability to customize products requires flexibility that Mandelli then projects on to its suppliers.

“In addition to machining of large parts with very high-precision, which is very important for us, Galbiati takes care of any problems. This is always important, and becomes even more important in times like these where the lack of planning has eliminated any space for maneuvering and has made delivery dates an even more important factor. Basically, there are no parachutes, so the ability to react and respond in very short times is fundamental,” Mr. Antonio Strafallaci.

It is thanks to a well-stocked up-to-date machine fleet and two shifts of skilled employees that Galbiati Group manages to offer this flexibility on a daily basis, and to take on its customers’ urgent needs with very short lead times. That is why over the years  we have invested in the quality of the product and machining.

Galbiati Group is the only company in Italy, and among the very few in Europe equipped with a Zeiss dimensional measurement machine for large components. An important indicator for quality.

Quality is created, sought on a daily basis, because the quality we require from our suppliers is close to perfection. The machine is important, but is insufficient for guaranteeing precision. It is the skill of the person using it that makes the difference. There is reciprocal esteem with the team at Galbiati Group. An exchange between individuals who respect each other and recognize each other’s abilities. There is always dialogue when you speak the same language” continues Marco Canesi, the shop manager.

Bed Machining

“All Mandelli customers seek extreme precision. And inspection consists of providing them the evidence of this precision. That is why quality is vital for us. In this direction, Galbiati Group has made significant investments in terms of people and machines, which guarantee everything we are looking for.”

Antonio  Strafallaci, Production and Logistics Manager of the Riello Sistemi Group

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