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Mechanical machining of gearbox housing for marine dredging of the seabed

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Galbiati Group offers qualified technical personnel, technical expertise and a fleet equipped for the construction of gearbox housing of medium and large sizes addressed to various industrial applications.

We’ve been cooperating for several years with known companies around the world for complete sub-supplies and mechanical machining of gearbox housing addressed to the shipbuilding industry.

Galbiati Group recently implemented the construction and the mechanical machining as per third parties of naval gearbox housing intended to be mounted on ships for the command dredgers.

Gearbox housing for winch control for the dredging of the seabed.

The dredging is the digging operation  carried out by a ship the dredgers (digging machineries) to remove sand, gravel and debris from a shallow seabed and relocate them elsewhere. This operation therefore produces waste materials which are taken away from the dredged area.

Dimensions of the gearbox housing:

  • 3.500*1500 mm
  • Total weight 15 tons.

Within the construction and the mechanical machining as per third parties of a naval gearbox housing, as described above, fundamental are the verification and the dimensional inspection, taking place thanks to the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine Zeiss.

Hereafter photos of the operating gearbox housing on a tool machine and photos of final testing.

Gearbox housing for shipbuilding industry

Gearbox housing for shipbuilding industry

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Galbiati Group best Hatebur supplier 2011

Thursday, March 15, 2012


For the second consecutive year Hatebur, leading manufacturer of cold/hot forming presses, awarded to Galbiati Group as its best supplier 2011 for the mechanical processing of components for the metal forming systems.

It’s with great pleasure and satisfaction that we’re receiving this important award and we thank you for the trust demonstrated once again”.

The cooperation between Hatebur and Galbiati Group started about 10 years ago has been growing along time also thanks to the several know-how and competences exchanges addressed to the optimization of technical solutions, always with a fast feedback and a direct and interactive communication.

By this award, as in the last year, Hatebur confirmed Galbiati Group as best supplier and ideal partner for the implementation of particular machinery both of medium and large dimensions with high quality standards. On our side, we’ve been always tried our best to satisfy the requests of Hatebur in the best possible way.

This confirms once again our main tasks: to individuate the best technical solution to satisfy a need, to respond to a demand, to win a challenge.

These two important awards represent to us a further incentive to improve and reach the same result at a quality and efficiency level, not only within the area dedicated to mechanical processing, but also and mainly within the assembly sector.

We wish to refine our internal processes, to create synergies in order to get confronted, respecting deadlines, establishing order and discipline, creating a common and shared process.

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