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Machining of a multi-stage axial pump housing

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Galbiati Group recently performed the machining of a horizontal multi-stage pump in carbon steel (A216 WCB), which is composed of a body that is divided axially. The pump body is in fact composed of a lower half-body and an upper one.

Both  half-bodies were machined separately and certificated through a final inspection performed with a Zeiss three-dimensional measuring machine.

The pump was designed according to API 10th edition for use in the petrochemical industry and in the plant, it will pump oil at a flow rate of 510 m 3/h with a prevalence of 689 m (this is equivalent to a capacity of 420 t / h with a differential pressure of 55.63 bar).

The pump housing is designed to withstand a pressure of 90 bar at 55 degrees centigrade and has been tested in water, with positive results, at a pressure of 135 bar.

Illustrated below is the machining stage for the upper body of the pump housing.

Machining of a multi-stage axial pump casing

Details of the multi-stage axial pump upper body are on the left and of the lower body are on the right.

Machining of a multi-stage axial pump casingMachining of a multi-stage axial pump casing

Dimensional inspection of the lower pump housing using a Zeiss measuring machine.

Machining of a multi-stage axial pump casing

Technical data:

  • Material: WCB
  • Length: 3694 mm
  • Width: 1400 mm
  • Height: 1330 mm
  • Max internal diameter of bore: 355 H7, Ra = 3.2
  • Max  concentricity tolerance:  0.02 on a wheelbase 3087
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