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Cable car puller gearbox for public service

Thursday, September 29, 2016


We recently produced a cable car puller gearbox for modernising the new plant safety requirements in Hong Kong, China.

The helical cable car puller gearbox, sized with a high service factor, offers a nominal power of 300 KW at 40 rpm. Hardened and tempered toothed wheels in Ni-Cr-Mo steel with adjusted teeth profile; sprockets in high strength Ni-Cr-Mo steel with adjusted teeth profile. Sizing, inspections and certifications that meet the safety requirements imposed by applicable legislation in the field of passenger transport.

Below, photos of the puller gearbox during the testing phase before being shipped to the end customer.

Cable car puller gearbox for public service

Cable car puller gearbox for public service

Cable car puller gearbox for public service

Gearbox for winch

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Galbiati Group has recently manufactured a control gear for a converter-winch for the Rourkela steel mill in India.

The control gear for the winch is controlled by two electric motors with a total power output of 264 kW / 1450 RPM.

The slow-running axis rotates at a speed of 7.18/3.02 RPM (the gear ratio is therefore 201/480).

Equipped with a pneumatic auxiliary motor with 38 kW and 1500 RPM, the various final speeds are achieved through the positioning process (controlled by micro switch) with two toothed transmissions and a speed of 0.

The gearbox is fitted with a welded, annealed, sanded metal housing that was processed on a modern CNC machine tool, of which Galbiati Group owns quite a few.

Toothed wheels with single-screw made of high-quality 18NiCrMo5 steel, cemented with a surface hardness of 58-60 HRC according to the quality standards ISO- DIN 6/7.

The gearbox is equipped with a slow-moving shaft made of molybdenum-alloyed steel as well as high-quality ball bearing designed for a minimal life span of 50,000 hours at full operation and speed.

Afterwards, the pictures are presented that show the final acceptance (running test) in the presence and to the fully satisfaction of the customer.

Gearbox for winch drive

Gearbox for winch drive

Gearboxes for cable way, cable car, chair lift, and cable railway winches

Friday, May 21, 2010


“Bigo”, Genoa, Panoramic Elevator Winch main drive.

Galbiati Group designs and manufactures gear drives for cable way applications with output torque from 80 kNm to over 900 kNm for cable car, chair lift, cable way, and cable railway winches. Sizing, inspection, and certification meet the current regulatory requirements for public transport safety.

Hoisting gearboxes are used in a number of applications: blondins, harbor cranes, marine winches, and special winches.

See following the winch drive installed on the panoramic elevator, “Bigo”, in Genoa, manufactured for Kone S.p.A. Italia to update and meet  the new safety regulations. Winch drive, sized with high service factor, nominal power 480 kW at 11.3 rpm. NiCrMo carburized gears high-quality tooth profile ground.

“Bigo”, Genoa, Panoramic Elevator Winch main drive

“Bigo”, Genoa, Panoramic Elevator Winch main drive

“Bigo”, Genoa, Panoramic Elevator Winch main drive

Submarine-cable laying winches drum

Thursday, May 20, 2010


NiCrMo steel ring gear, module 25, 3800 mm outer diameter, 50-52 HRc induction hardened teeth profile, solidly fitted on drum  electrowelded frame, specifically manufactured with low temperature – high resistance  carbon steel (North Sea installation).

Cylinder for submarine-cable laying winches

Cylinder for submarine-cable laying winchesCylinder for submarine-cable laying winches

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