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Coiler Unit

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Galbiati recently manufactured a coiler unit with speed change including mandrel and coil ejector plate, intended to a cold rolling aluminium plant in China.

Technical data of the coiler unit:

• Output speed: 79-336/178-761
• Rated power: 4,200 kW.
• Roll Width = 2.400 mm
• Maximum diameter = 2.600 mm
• Coil Weight = 25 ton.
Coiler unit total weight: 35 ton.

Here are some photos of the coiler unit during assembly at the Galbiati workshops.

Coiler unit for cold rolling aluminium plant

Coiler unit for cold rolling aluminium plant

Cold rolling mill pinion stand drive

Friday, February 21, 2014


Galbiati has recently manufactured a large cold rolling mill pinion stand drive intended to an important aluminium plant in China.

Pinion stand mill drive for cold rolling aluminium plant.

Technical data collected during full speed test to check the oil flow rate, pressure and temperature, bearing temperatures and vibrations, and noise level of the rotating parts: Rated power 11.600 KW- Roll center distance 560 mm- Output speed 165-370/370-325.

cold rolling mill pinion stand drive

cold rolling mill pinion stand drive

Vertical axis Gear Increaser for Hydroelectric power plant

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Galbiati has recently realized a vertical axis gear increaser destined to an hydroelectric power plant.

The gear increaser will be installed between a Kaplan turbine and a 4.200 KW generator, working position at 45°.

Sized for 24/7 continuous operation,  more than 8.300 hours/year. Full-load> 98.5% efficiency.

This gear increaser is equipped with temperature probes for oil and bearing temperatures detection, and vibration probes with relevant analysis and control equipment.

Vertical axis gear increaser for hydroelectric power plant

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