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Video- Two spindle Deep hole Drilling machines

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We are specialized in the design and construction of drilling machines equipped with 2 or 3 spindles for deep drilling such as BTA (STS) and GUNDRILL types for tubal sheets with heat exchangers.

In the below you will see the testing phase of a drilling machine with 2 spindles for deep drilling of heat exchangers with a single STS/BTA tubular system, for up to 51.7 mm in diameter.

The deep hole drilling machine is also equipped with a third spindle for additional processes such as milling or drilling with drill inserts up to a diameter of 80 mm with an automatic system for locking / releasing the tool on the spindle. The final test was performed at the mounting area of the Galbiati Group workshop with the satisfaction of both parties and in the presence of the customer.

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