Horizontal multi-spindle machines for tube sheets

Drill with three independent spindles for BTA (STS) deep drilling

The Galbiati Group builds machines for deep drilling shell and tube heat exchanger plates (ASME, TEMA, and PED codes). These products are used in chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. Models with 1 to 5 spindles, with BTA (STS) and Gundrilling systems.


•  High  positioning accuracy and repeatability, highly bore straightness, concentricity precision

•  Automatic drilling, advanced control systems monitor the cutting fluid flow and pressure, axial movement, thrust, and power of each individual spindle

•  Use of the most modern Siemens CNC Control systems for monitoring the functions of motors, digital drives and spindles.

•  Pre-programmed CNC.

•  Recording of drill data and cycles

•  Design using FEMA to guarantee greatest structural stiffness and to dampen the vibrations caused by the cutting process

•  The machine and equipment are modular and can be customized

•  Milling Unit (optional) for finishing the plates.

Galbiati Group

Galbiati Group is an internationally renowned Italian company specialized in the construction of large sized machine tools. Since 1962 the group has specialized successfully in all industries that require high-tech mechanical parts and machines.

The all-encompassing know-how gained over decades of working with major industrial groups combined with significant investments in equipment and technology have led the group to establish five specialty divisions. Continue reading…

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