Coil Processing Equipment

Coil Transfer Trolley

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Galbiati Group recently manufactured a coil transfer trolley with a maximum load capacity of 35 tons for a cold rolling mill plant.

Below photos of coil transfer trolley completely assembled at Galbiati workshops.

Coil transfer trolley

Coil transfer trolley

Coil transfer trolley

Tension Levelling System

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


The innovative tension levelling system was planned by us mainly for the stainless steel processing; afterwards it was applied also to aluminum strips, cold-rolled steel, pickled steel, galvanized steel and pre painted steel.

The tension levelling system process helps the strips leveling keeping its tension during the working phase before and after the leveling machine.

Thanks to its sophisticated software and several possible settings, many strips judged not good to be leveled have been processed successfully. The installed power guarantees the right elastic plastic properties of the material.


The tension levelling system allows the achievement of a high leveling quality, stabilized stress relieved material adapting sheets to several workings, to laser cutting, to punching machines, to automatic machines, etc. Moreover the tension levelling system enables to get excellent results with the requalification of strips with above average rolling defects.

Compared to a conventional system, with the tension levelling system some economic benefits are evident:

  • the range of processed thicknesses increases (for example 0.4 to 4 mm) using one single leveler.
  • only one leveler instead of two or one leveler with double cassette;
  • less power (less vertical load on the leveler with consequent energy saving during the plant running);
  • reduced maintenance costs (one single leveler having rolls with a larger diameter and less
  • applied vertical load requires less frequent maintenance);
  • reduced costs for spare parts;
  • rise in productivity due to the less frequent stops of the machines necessary to choose and replace the leveling cassette proper for the programmed working of the strips;
  • upgrade of the second-best strips;
  • the strip keeps its tension up to 1,3 m from the leveller, practically the strip tail and the strip centre are leveled in the same way;
  • ease of utilization of this system.

It is very important to underline that the tension levelling system can be used also with the traditional system: the open bridles.

Up to now the tension levelling method has been working for years and it is present in many stainless steel service centers for carbon steel.

Tension levelling system-Two moduli

The innovative tension leveling system

Tension levelling system-Two moduli

Tension leveling system

Brushing machines

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Our brushing machines are additional machines inserted into cut to length lines to remove calamine from the surface of hot rolled steel strips.

Considering the rising interest of the market in hot rolled strip surface cleaning, we have developed the brushing machine process with the application of a modular system into the line: this system consists of one or more machines necessary to obtain the best quality products fit for the main requirements.

Examples of brushing machines we realized.

Coil processing Equipment

Friday, January 16, 2015


We realize successfully customized Cut-to-Length Lines optimizing the quality and the productivity with a great respect for all safety regulations towards the operators, the quality of work, paying great attention to the simplification of the maintenance activity.

All machines that compose the coil cut-to-length lines and coil slitting lines can be sold individually to be integrated into existing lines, also of different brands.

  • Six roll levelling machines for cut-to-length blanking machines
  • Four roll levelling machines  for standard cut-to-length lines
  • Coil flying shears
  • Coil rotating shears
  • Uncoilers
  • Coilers
  • Six roll coil straightening machines for cut-to-length blanking lines
  • Four roll coil straightening machines for standard cut-to-length lines
  • Coil trimming machines
  • Coil cradles
  • Coil air cushion stackers
  • Coil mechanical arm stackers
  • Coil magnetic stackers
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