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Galbiati collaborates in the ASTRI Project

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


INAF – Brera Astronomical Observatory: The GEC Consortium (formed by the Galbiati Group and the EIE GROUP) signed the contract for the development of the first four ASTRI radio telescopes within the context of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project.

On Monday November 18, 2013, in the presence of the Director of the Brera Astrononomical Observatory – INAF, Prof. Giovanni Pareschi, coordinator of the ASTRI Project, within the scope of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), the GEC Consortium formed by the Galbiati Group and the EIE GROUP signed a contract for the development of the first four ASTRI radio telescopes. The plans include a mini-array of SST (Small Size Telescope) radio telescopes, constituting the “seed” around which the entire CTA project is expected to grow.

Below, a photo from the meeting during which the contract was signed by the Galbiati Group, for the development of the first four radio telescopes.

Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project.

The CTA project, administered by a consortium of scientific institutions from more than 20 countries and funded by the European Commission, will be the most powerful and flexible gamma-ray observatory ever built. The project will provide for the construction of two observatories, one located in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere, consisting in turn of an array of radio telescopes. At the centre, a number of large radio telescopes with a 23-meter diameter will be positioned, surrounded by dozens of medium size radio telescopes (with a 12-meter diameter). The observatory in the southern hemisphere will also rely on dozens of small radio telescope with a diameter of 4 meters each.

Thanks to its large radio telescopes capable of collecting as much light as possible, the CTA will have the extraordinary ability of detecting gamma rays – special type of radiation which provide access to the most extreme phenomena of the universe. Once the gamma rays penetrate the atmosphere, they interact and produce a cascade of particles that can travel faster than light in air and than sound. The CTA Radio telescopes will take photos of these particles and reconstruct the direction of arrival corresponding to each gamma ray.

The CTA observatory will therefore collect images of the light produced by each gamma photon, allowing for the unveiling and the study of more than 1,000 celestial objects as yet unknown including blacks holes, supernova remains and galaxies.

The construction of the first components of the CTA are expected to being in 2014. As soon as the first radio telescopes will be completed, scientists will begin to use them, guaranteeing their comprehensive scientific exploitation for research purposes.

The main objective of the Galbiati Group, beyond the mere contractual terms, focuses on a positive and entirely satisfactory end result, in order to confirm their professionalism in the specific field of antennas and radio telescopes. This constitutes yet another positive reference in addition to the Group’s many existing accomplishments around the world and, finally, further increases the company’s professionalism in a rather specific and fascinating sector, as is the case with radio astronomy.

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