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Testing at the Aprilia plant: Segment erector for TBM

Monday, June 3, 2013


Galbiati Group has set up a group of four segment erectors for each TBM for the Copenhagen Metro excavation project

Galbiati TBM segment erector

It was inaugurated in the Aprilia production factory on May 10 2013, the second TBM EPB, (better known as the tunnel boring machine and hence acronym TBM), built by the SELI SpA company, specializing in the excavation of underground tunnels and in the design and implementation of TBM excavation equipment.

The “TBM EPB”, capable of drilling a tunnel with a diameter of 5.78 meters, is an extraordinary giant machine and is the second of a group of four excavation boring machines (this is the technical name), which should be able to create 2 tunnels for a total of 32 km of underground excavations for the fully automated metro line in Copenhagen, which, passes through the city centre providing 17 stations, this will all come into operation by 2018.

It was for this criticality in terms of excavation that SELI was chosen as the contractor of the whole construction project of the four “TBM EPB” for the Copenhagen Metro. The TBM EPB (Earth Pressure Balance) machine, built by Seli in collaboration with Kawasaki, can in fact excavate the ground up to thirty meters deep, providing much greater stability, using the excavated material and maintaining the pressure at the front.

At the testing of the second TBM EPB on May 10, 2013 at the Aprilia plant, Galbiati Group was also invited, the Italian group recognized internationally for the quality of its manufacturing and mechanical engineering, specializing in particular in the design and construction of machinery and equipment with high technological content.

Galbiati Group was in fact commissioned by Seli, the Roman Contact for the design and implementation of a group of 4 segment positioning erectors, one for each TBM EPB rotating head.

The erector constructed from Galbiati for the second TBM EPB has a diameter of 4,100mm, a maximum capacity of about 4,000 Kg, a total weight of approximately 25,000 Kg and a maximum rotation of  2 rpm.

Galbiati TBM segment erector

Afterwards, the video of the testing phase of the segment erector:

Projects like the one just described have enabled the Galbiati Group to be a market leader in Europe and abroad in the design and construction of manufactured systems at the limit of the current field of metallurgical technology and mechanical engineering. After a sudden slowdown in investments in the industrial sector and a slow recovery as the one we are going through, attention to innovation and high-tech production is in fact the only solution to compete globally.

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