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Tunnel Boring Machine Erector

Monday, June 18, 2012


Galbiati Group has recently built a 4.5 ton- segment erector for TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), rotating head, for the excavation of the Bangalore metro.

The segment erector, built by Galbiati, is made up of a fixed structure and a moving one, both made of electro-welded structural metalwork and machined on machine tools.

The fixed part consists of two longitudinal beams on which the sliding guides of wear-resistant material are mounted. The moving part consists of the translating/rotating ring and the pick up system.

Usually positioned behind the cutterhead, the erector is equipped with a mechanical pick up unit in order to grasp segments. The mechanical pick up unit grasps and retains segments for the entire duration of the positioning operations with three independent movements:

  • Swinging = ± 5°
  • Pitch = ± 5°
  • Roll = ± 5°

Below there is a photo of the erector being assembled.

TBM segment erector

Erector technical data:

  • Total beams length: 7,000 mm
  • Overall rotation = ± 200°
  • Translation movement speed = 2.800*45 mm/s
  • Rotational speed = 2 revolutions per minute
  • Maximum load  = 4,500 Kg
  • Weight = 27,000 Kg
  • Intrados diameter  = 5,600 mm

Galbiati Group: 50 years of story

Monday, June 11, 2012


This year the Galbiati Group celebrates its 50th anniversary, an important milestone for the company.

Galbiati Group: 50 years of storyFounded in 1962 as a small company providing mechanical engineering solutions on behalf of third parties, the Galbiati Group is now an Italian industrial group internationally recognized for the quality and precision of its machinery and construction processes. The Galbiati Group plays an important role on the global market and has been honored with several awards for its engineering and for the supply and construction processes of mechanical components and hi-tech machinery.

The Group, with experience and skills acquired over five decades, now consists of 5 different divisions: mechanical machining and construction, gear reducers, custom built machines, deep hole drilling machines, presses and notching machines, covering sectors ranging from steel to astronomy, and from power transmission to general engineering.

After initial mechanical engineering operations carried out on behalf of third parties, the company added many more services, such as the designing and creation of its own products and the building and upgrading of industrial machinery and equipment.

During 50 years of operations, the Galbiati group has always displayed the strengths of flexibility and quality; flexibility in the sense of an ability to respond quickly to clients’ requests regarding the design, construction and production of machinery making the best use of its experience. Over the course of these 50 years the Galbiati group has continued to invest in new resources, equipment, internal training and research on a yearly basis.

The company structure could be compared to a delicate “engine” in which each living gear represents a person who works for the company. To get the best performance from each one it is necessary to constantly stimulate employees by emphasizing the importance of responsibility, rationalization and control.

The professional skills, management abilities and motivation of those who work in a company alone are not sufficient to build it and make it successful. Teamwork is essential. The commitment of every person should be coordinated and channelled towards a common goal in order to implement rapid and efficient business processes

The ultimate goal is to see the COMPANY prosper, become internationally recognized, broaden its industrial vision, expand its premises and, above all, inspire confidence and trust in an increasing number of customers.

However, for those of us who are now experiencing this, it is important to pay tribute to the memory of those who, with their own work and dedication, devoted their life to this company!

This long journey marked by challenges and sacrifices, difficult times and great achievements, demonstrates unwavering strength and passion, which can still be witnessed today.

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